Vibration Monitoring by Machinery Vibration Specialists

Machinery Vibration

Machinery Vibration is without doubt the major cause of most breakdowns and efficiency losses in commercial and industrial machinery. Excessive vibration can be caused by many factors including poor / sub standard servicing, faulty parts, bearing failures and balancing issues to name just a few.

Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring is a essential part of Predictive Maintenance that in turn contributes greatly to the longevity and reliability of commercial and industrial machinery. Our range of cutting edge Vibration Monitoring equipment and software is sourced from leading world manufactures like SPM Instrument.

Bearing Assessment

Bearing Assessment is a vital part of the ongoing and overall servicing and Predictive Maintenance of commercial and industrial machinery. Regardless of what job your machinery is doing if it has revolving parts it will also have bearings. Once worn or damaged Bearings not only reduce the efficiency of machinery, they can also cause serious and expensive damage as well. We can show you how to maintain a constant vigil on the condition of your machinery’s bearings with the latest in bearing assessment technology.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance should be a compulsory part of every service regime for operators of any type of machinery. However it does often require more than scheduled machinery servicing and regular checks of vulnerable parts, fluid levels, belts etc. In many cases effective predictive maintenance requires a degree of electronic / digital monitoring for defects which are not visible to the naked eye.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring allows you to maintain accurate surveillance on machinery while it is working. By measuring physical parameters, such as vibration and Shock Pulse, and using our latest condition monitoring equipment and software you can greatly extend the service life, uptime and productivity of production machinery.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis can allow you to determine the source and location of a potential problem before it manifests into a breakdown / shutdown situation. Using our custom made software you can analyse vibration readings in real time and take the appropriate service option before a breakdown / stoppage occurs.