Vibration Analysis & Bearing Monitoring

SPM Vibration & Bearing MonitoringSPM Instrument for Vibration Analysis & Bearing Monitoring Equipment


SPM 40 yearsAs accredited distributors for SPM Instrument, Machinery Vibration Specialists carry a complete range of Vibration / Bearing Monitoring equipment. With over 30 years experience in the machinery vibration / bearing monitoring industry we have become recognised as experts in our field and are continuously providing cost efficient solutions for large and small scale clients. Vibration / Bearing Monitoring is an integral part of Predictive Maintenance through the process of detecting a change in machine condition BEFORE it becomes a major problem. Not only does Vibration / Bearing Monitoringsave significant or in some cases catastrophic damage to expensive machinery, it also prevents lost man-hours and production losses due to unnecessary downtime.

The SPM Range of Equipment Includes:

SPM shock pulse monitoring equipmentSPM Shock Pulse Measuring Techniques 

For over 40 years SPM Instrument AB of Sweden have led the way in developing unique techniques, design and manufacture of products for measurement, analysis and very early warning of ball or roller bearing condition.



Review the NEW SPM HD technique for assessing slow speed ball or roller bearings. When we say slow speed, we mean down to one (1) rpm.


SPM vibchecker portable vibration measurementPortable Instruments for Detection 

Simple low cost instruments are available for first level detection of either Bearing Shock Pulse or Vibration Velocity to ISO 10816standards. They are also available with EX certification.


leonova diamondMachinery Vibration / Bearing Analysis 

LEONOVA EMERALDSPM announces the New Leonova DIAMOND (Leonova Diamond) which is a 3x channel simultaneous Vibration Bearing Analyser.

The New Leonova EMERALD (Leonova Emerald) is a sister instrument to the Diamond but has only 2x input channels, similar features but at lower cost. Using the new SPM HD condition monitoring technology enabling measurements of very slow bearings and machinery resulting in information not previously available.

The high performance vibration analysis provides razor sharp spectrums even of very weak signal with low energy content. Using the 120dB signal-to-noise ratio and the 24bit processor results in very accurate and sensitive spectra. Using advanced order tracking algorithms gives very precise spectral information and avoids “spectral smearing”.

The new DIAMOND has additional measurement features of Dynamic Balancing, Laser Shaft Alignment, Motor Current Analysis, Stroboscope Interface and Voice Recording features. Both instruments are also available with “Ex” Intrinsically Safe Certification.

SPM MG4 programmable protection monitorProtection and On-Line Monitoring 

SMP Intellinova online monitoring systemSPM have a range of protection monitors suitable for all types of rotating machinery. Their Model MG4 range are fully programmable with both relay and  PLC outputs, analogue 4-20mA or digital Modbus. Intellinova Online Monitoring Systems enable parameter trending and analysis. These are ideal for very low speed bearings. Intellinova Online Units are multi-channel, multi-parameter systems, connected via the plant Ethernet for plant wide trending, analysis and reporting. The new low cost Intellinova Compact units are ideal for small critical protection and monitoring, especially for low speed machinery such as conveyor drives, wind turbines, mills and wet presses.

SPM condition monitoring softwareCondition Monitoring Software

Condmaster Ruby is the latest update from SPM. This software supports Leonova Diamond & Emerald as well as communicating with all SPM systems and handheld data logging instruments.


SPM CondMaster Nova - root cause analysisRoot Cause Analysis with SPM CondMaster Ruby

Using the SPM Condition based software which includes modules such as Rule Based Evaluation RBE and Plant Performer enables plant machinery optimisation.


SPM Transducers, Parts & AccessoriesSPM Transducers Parts & Accessories

To support the range of instruments and monitors SPM have a full range of shock pulse and vibration transducers together with bearing adapters cables and machine fittings.

Shock Pulse Transducers

Used predominantly for Bearing Monitoring, Shock Pulse Transducers are used in all permanent SPM monitoring installations. Shock pulse transducers are mounted on the bearing housing via countersunk holes and work by converting shock pulses into electric signals. Vibration Transducers  Solid Vibration Transducers are individually tuned piezo-electric accelerometers capable of withstanding extreme industrial environments whilst transmitting data on the vibration status of the machinery they are monitoring. The correct solution and equipment is only a phone call or email away so don’t hesitate. Contact Machinery Vibration Specialists today and get professional advice and first class service.