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IRD BalancingSince the 1960’s IRD Balancing Machines have been state-of-the-art balancing machinery and have established a worldwide reputation of excellence for their range of horizontal maintenance dynamic balancing machines.

IRD B140 horizontal balancing machineIRD Dynamic Horizontal Balancing machines cover an extensive range of capacities ranging from 3kg to 127,000kg. Their machines are “soft bearing” design or super critical, measuring the motion for the unbalance. The Rotor Calibration methods result in the most accurate correction result.

The IRD Balancing design eliminates the requirement of massive concrete foundations and their larger machines are the only true transportable balancing machines available.

IRD Model B200/290T

IRD Model B200/290T

Horizontal Maintenance Balancing Machines

Most IRD Balancing Machines are belt driven and use a variable DC drive system which greatly reduces setup and balancing time. Unique gimbled bearing supports eliminate any damage to journal surfaces and accommodate a wide variety of shaft diameters.

IRD B50F Kit Balancing Machine

IRD B50F Kit Balancing Machine


IRD Balancing Systems are ideal for modernising older machines. IRD also offer several kit machines which include key components and drawings enabling self construction of the base and drive.


New! Model 295 by IRD Balancing

The New IRD Model 295 Balancer Delivers Accurate Results for Faster Balancing.

Features Include:
IRD Balancing Model 295

  • Improved Windows® 7 User Interface
  • Improved Accuracy with Enhanced Operator Tools & Reports
  • Quicker Balancing Times to Improve Shop Efficiency!
  • Natural Upgrade from the Model 290 & Other Balancing Instruments.

Lexseco Core Loss Tester IRDLexseco Core Loss Tester by IRD Balancing

The LEXSECO automated Core Loss Testers assure that electric motor products are reliable and energy efficient. This assurance shows that you are protecting your customers investment by reducing downtime and energy consumption. This in turn reduces your warranty costs with less warranty claims & repairs.

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